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Generate Best ROI with LogiClix PPC Experts


Thoroughly optimized campaigns with a clear focus on generating sales, flushing away the junk traffic and generating  maximum ROI is the approach taken by Logiclix PPC team. Every member in the PPC team of Logiclix is at the minimum a Google Adwords Certified Professional with minimum 5 years of experience in this particular field. We care for the money spent by our clients, resulting in the “best-in-class” object oriented and ROI centric Pay Per Click campaigns for our clients.


“We profit when our clients do”



Approach To The Job


  1. Understanding The Clients requirements : First and foremost we understand our clients requirement, our team goes into minutest of details about the desires and expectations of the client.
  2. Market Analysis : Market analysis is done based on the clients requirement and matching it with ground reality, we present a clear picture to our client and advice the best possible way to achieve the ultimate result i.e. sales, and based on that we move further.
  3. Extensive keyword research : Initial step towards any campaign is extensive keyword research and analysis by our team. We analyze the keywords to be targeted and home on to business keywords subsequently.
  4. Competitor’s analysis: We in LogiClix analyze the potential and business of competitor’s too which help us to rank our ads in top position beating the competitors.
  5. Campaign Type: PPC team analyses the requirement of the client and campaign and finally homes on to type of campaign whether Search/Display/Search and display both. Parameters are the targetted audience and interest of buyers of the region targetted which forms basis of campaign type.
  6. Clients Budget: We do take care of the budget of our client and plan the campaign accordingly.
  7. Ads Creation: Ads created attracts the buyer and compels one to buy the product/services.
  8. Reducing CPC: We have a specific and focused approach which help us proper optimization of the campaign which results in reducing CPC as the campaign progresses.
  9. Maximum ROI generation: Our campaigns are sales oriented hence we target for maximum generation of leads, sales which results in best ROI.


Reports And Returns

We have a very robust weekly reporting system in which we provide every detail of the campaign to our client which contains:

  1. Per day spent on campaign.
  2. Minimum CPC acquired in the week.
  3. Total amount spent .
  4. Business keywords.
  5. CTR.
  6. ROI generated.