Local Small Business SEO


You own a shop in the town or a store?


You are a service provider which effects a smaller area like: plumbing services/event management service provider etc?

Thinking of listing your business in search engines?

Local SEO is the correct choice for you……………

One just requires a “Physical Business Address and a working Phone Number” , that’s it.

By Local SEO, Search Engines allow your business to get listed and helps the user to see your business listing along with all your details like address, phone number and location on map too. It makes easy for a user to locate the business address he is looking for and in return sales are generated for you.

In Local SEO generally competition is less than Organic SEO and the budget required is generally lesser too, but in Local SEO results displayed with details of dealers / service providers is very less ranging from 3-6 ranking only, so it becomes difficult to get the site rank in that small space. Here comes the role of Logiclix, We have proven results and our experienced team members have the potential to surely fit in any site no matter whatever the competition is to the slot of 3-6, whatever the case may be and make you rank amongst the top and beat your next door competitors.