Design and Development

We at LogiClix design and develop amazing websites and Mobile apps to give your dreams the required impetus to convert them in-to reality.

Whether you are a major brand that has to please a broader audience based on varied interests and nationality or whether you are a small business owner who needs to have a telescopic vision on the highly niche specific and targeted local audience, we have the perfect team that will do its level best to understand your specific needs and help you further develop your concept to fruition. Once the concept has been fully developed after much deliberation, our technical craftsmen use their magic to bring that concept to life.

Our designers and coders strive to add the ‘Waao!’ factor to the work and our SEO team makes sure that, ‘all’ that leaves our stables, is ready to face the onslaught of competition. This means that all our websites are built SEO friendly from the word go.

In short our websites are just like sharks ready to hunt and rule the oceans from the moment they are born.

Web Design and Development

We create amazing websites which become trend setters and are designed to engage with your target audience on an emotional level that attracts and compels them to act.

Simple recipe blogs to complex e-commerce websites, WordPress, Magento or PHP, our coders deliver high quality sites that make sure you worry only about dealing with your clients and never about bugs in your code.

Optimal load times, responsive designs, simple-to-operate and all major browser compatibility; these are just some of the features that our coders make sure adorn your web properties.